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Good/Bad News...

Okay well its been a while since any of us have filled u guys in on some updates. the reason for is because we've been busy resolving some issues amongst the band. so we have some good and also very unfortunate bad news.

The Bad News: Eric will no longer be playing bass for us. we did a lot of thinking about it and we felt he just couldnt stay in this band with everything else he has to deal with in his life. we hope to remain on good terms with him and hope he understands but we will not explain our reasons for us letting him go because its personal. but we all feel bad about what we had to do today but it had to be done. we wish Eric the best of luck and he will always be our friend and hes always going to be a best friend of mine.

The Good News: we had "Tiki Mike" try out for us and he is pretty much taking over at bass now. id say his last name if i could pronounce it but u may have seen him in some Slapdash Trash videos and hes a former member of Slapdash Trash. but he has amazing skills at bass and i look forward to him being in this band. Also, we are being looked under for recording right now...some good recording. some guy who recorded for Kid Rock back in the day is going to check us out this week and if he likes us, he'll give us free recording for 4 songs and have an all-out made EP cd release made. we are excited about this opportunity and hope everything works out. if everything works according to plan, then we should be able to have this all done before school starts. and we are going to wait a little while to book shows so we can give Mike time to get settled in. well thats all for now...
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