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We Must Inform You...

alright well we are back on break and we're sticking to it this time to make a 2nd half to our song set. we are going to be working on 5 in the coming week. we have made a deal with Anthony Diem of As Dawn Falls. if we have 5 songs ready by september 11th, we'll get to go record our songs with them as they record their new stuff. i believe this is it or i have it mixed up. but i do know that their come back show is on that day which is Before I Go's kick off tour show. now i think its we're either playing that show with them or its the recording. either way its a good deal to me and we are going try our very best to make the next 5 songs even better then the last 6. so be on the look out for us for next month cuz we are going to look into tearing up shows and play with some good bands. and we are going to be playing shows with As Dawn Falls too so u know those will be some really great shows.
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