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well as some of u may of heard, we have changed the band name to Adorah. theres probably a quite a few questions that u want to ask i bet. but we felt that the name Saving Tomorrow just didnt suit us as an appropriate identity for the band anymore and who we are as a band so it basically just lost its meaning. but i bet some of u are thinking "oh sure, like Adorah has a suitable meaning" well it doesnt really have a huge story behind it like Saving Tomorrow did but its cool. now we know that people like this band name but we also know that there'll be those who dont and its alright, we just ask that u give our music a chance for u to hear. and so which reminds me, if u bought a Saving Tomorrow t-shirt, we promise u that we will give u a free Adorah shirt and stickers when they are released because we understand that u spent your money to enjoy supporting a band and that has a current band name for that matter hahah. but we are currently in the process of transfering all of our online information about the band to the new Adorah sites. a new livejournal community has been made so join that one because this will be the last entry i make in this community. a new purevolume site will be up within a couple of days and a new band website will be up soon. here are the new links that will be or are active as of right now...


http://www.livejournal.com/community/adorah <---join that right now!


Thank You for supporting the band as Saving Tomorrow and keep on supporting us as Adorah. and i bid this community well...
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