hey i know u people took pictures last night this time, post them up fools! we might put them on the website!!! thanks to those who came out last night...
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July 16th Show...

hey you, you with the face! the 4th place winners of the Battle of the Bands is playing tomorrow night at the Roseville Theatre heres the details and try and get as many people as u can to go, we want a good turn out. and im really liking the fact that we're earning new fans, so thank u to those for spreading the word about us.

July 16th
Roseville Theatre w/Brothers of the Revolution, Smalltown Revolver, Usual Suspect, and more
Corner of Utica Rd. and Gratiot
$8 from band member, $10 @ the door


NOTE: if u preordered a shirt, then come to the show because we just got them and we'll be selling them there.

We also have released 3 new songs on purevolume so we have officially retired The Last Minute hahah. u can download Zombie which is the song we plan on studio recording whenever its possible. the other 2 are really sweet named "If Death Was A Dream..." and "Bad Drugs and Bad Dreams." so of course we are playing these songs tomorrow night but go on purevolume and listen to the horrible recordings and make our plays go up, make us look cool!!!
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Awesome Show...

heres the top 4 who finished last night...

1st Place - Circut (good job guys, amazing performance)
2nd Place - Defilement (those guys were intense)
3rd Place - New Standard (eh theyre good for the music they play)

im happy with 4th place, and thank u for coming out to see us and buying tickets. we sold about 52 and sold 30 yesterday! unbelieveable. but congrats to Circut, they deserve it. so now we have a backyard show tuesday at Jason Sikora's house and back at the Roseville Theatre on friday.

Did anyone take any pics from the show, any?
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Tomorrow is the big Battle of the Bands show and WE NEED U to buy a ticket from us. we are in desperate need to sell the rest of what we have so be at the roseville theatre parking lot at 5:30 to buy from us. we need the sales more then anything. PLEASE HELP US OUT OR THEY MIGHT NOT LET US PLAY! WE NEED 40 TICKETS SOLD IN ORDER TO PLAY!!!! i bid you well...
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Saving Tomorrow Promos...

well lately ive been noticing that people have been putting our band name in their livejournal interests thing and i thank u for that. it actually helps us, cuz the more our name is in people's livejournals, the more people will look us up. so if u havent put our name in yer interests yet, please do so if u like us.

anyways, we really need to finish selling the rest of our tickets for this saturday's big show, so PLEASE buy tickets from us!!! theyre $10 from us. so thats all. we also have 2 more shows coming up after the BOTB so go to those if u can. heres some info for the both of them.

::July 12th::
Jason Sikora's Backyard Party w/5 Minutes To Spare (his band), Two Nights Riot maybe, and hopefully more TBA.
check out his livejournal unspok3nfeeling for more details.
It starts at 2 PM

::July 16th::
Back at the Roseville Theatre w/Toasters And Torpedoes, Brothers Of The Revolution, Smalltown Revolver
Corner of Utica Rd. and Gratiot
$8 band member, $10 @ the door
we play @ 7:00

we're getting pretty known for being a good opening band which is cool i guess, but try and make it out to those. also give us some suggestions on more venues to play at around the area if u have any. im looking into Club Eko and seeing if anything can get done at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

be excited for this saturday, its going to be awesome!
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(no subject)

I'm lovin the new layout!

Anywho, good luck on the 10th! I'll definately be there to support you guys!

P.S. I ordered a shirt the other day, let me know when they're in and all that guys know how to reach me!